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Respected sir,
I am from a hindu family however I am not a polythiest and believe in the concept of one god for all...Lately After reading Geeta I have also started avoiding demigod worshipping. And I truly want to establish a strong pious bond with the almighty and follow his instructions. I truly believe that this human birth is given to us for a reason and I pray to god that I succeed in achieving that following a right path with strong willpower and devotion towards God almighty. I started observing fasts on Monday to request god to guide me as I had many doubts regarding the rituals followed in our religion which are not even mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta. I am now in love with a muslim boy who loves me a lot and we really want to take this to the next level, i.e, mariage but want to achieve this following the right path as we want to seek blessings of God in this. we are very mature and understanding and have high regards for each other besides affection and I know our association will help us grow to be a better human beings. we initially tried really hard not to feel like this for each other and we even avoided each other. but I think it was destined to happen ...despite we being two very strong individuals who never wanted to fall in love at all still we are so samilar as individuals that we got connected magically. our thinking was so different from the people around us that we eventually got together and started sharing our feelings and thoughts about soceity, religion and many such stuff...its been two years now and we also thought that if it is at all a fling it will soon vanish but we still feel the same for each other and and the bond has grown stronger. I never wanted to take an impetuous decision because it is not just the question of we two but also our present families and in case we marry our future generation as well..I have not just read geeta but also a lot about islam and found my ideologies so similar that i was suprised by the fact. Now the problem is our families...even though i am not like other hindu followers still i don't know how we will convince his parents and also mine. after feeling so strong for each other for so long i don't think its "dharma' to change my way just because its gonna be really tough i think even if its going to be tough we have to face it and go on to make it a success ofcourse following the right path. Now kindly guide what you have to suggest me on this and how we should explain our parents and convince them to accept this and seek their blessing for the same.

Dear Sister,
I have already answered your question but still  find it pending. It is a matter of rejoice that Almighty Allah is guiding you towards right path.However, as a student of Islamic and comparative religion, at the out set, I feel it is my duty to let you know that according to Islamic/Shariah Law dating by a Muslim girl or boy is prohibited though thousands of love marriages are taking place every where every day every month. In my opinion Almighty Allah will forgive such sin if repented and/or prayed for by the girl or the boy no matter whether the love is ended with marriage or not. I will advise you to make your mother understand your feeling (love) towards the boy and ask her to make your father agreed. Allah Is All Knowing And All Hearing and therefore Pray to Him from the bottom of your heart so that you may get the boy as your husband. If you achieve the consent of your parents then it will not be very difficult for the boy to convince his parents who will only insist on you to revert to Islam. In fact my two elder brothers got married with non Muslim girls who were made to revert to Islam just before the marriage and astonishingly both the girls are/were far far better than other wives of my other brothers. According to our Holy Prophet every child is born as Muslim in this earth but due to the influence of the parents,in course of time, they became Hindus, Christians,
Parsis etc. Please feel free to know any thing about Islam/ Islamic Law from me.


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