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Dear Imam Habeeb,

We are doing an research about ethics for school. We are from Holland and we are in our final year of grammer school. We are doing our research about the sexual relationship between a teacher and his student. For this research we have to compare two different religions and their view about this relationship.
In such a relationship there are two main feelings, that is duty and love. Duty for the teacher to do his job correct, but sometimes the relationship is real love and do we have to forbid this?
Because of your expertise we would like to ask you some questions.

1. What is more important, the duty that the teacher has to educate his student without interferance of a sexual relationship or the love between two people?

2. What is written about this relationship in the Koran?

3. How do muslims see this relationship?

4. Is their a specific vision about this relationship in the Islam?

5. What is your vision about this relationship?

We thank you for reading our mail and we hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerly,

Hui Lin Zhang
Elza van Vugt

Duty is more important than love when there is a conflict.
The Quran forbids a sexual relationship that is outside matrimony.
One can marry ones teacher once they are of age of consent according to the laws of the country.

Falling in love with ones teacher and doing ones duty out of love is not impossible and when this happens both parties should seek matrimony as the lawful way out.
Otherwise separation is best.


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