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Jamiil wrote at 2014-03-30 15:55:55
Messengers from The Most High have come again and again, each of them bringing the same massage and reminding you about what was from the beginning, clear laws describing our rights and obligations.

-   The First law given to Adam, according to the Torah, in the Book of Genesis 1:28, was: "And God blessed them, and God *said unto them* (commanded them), Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, ...".

-   The golden rule in The Gospel of The Christ is "Love Your Lord with all your mind and all your heart and your brother as yourself".

-   The first law given in Islam was to read/speak the word of God. As it is today through the Qur'an it was then through a book given to Mohamed (S.A.S) to read from.

Our demands for marriage are so outrageous that they prevent us and others from fulfilling the first commandment given by God to Humanity: "Grow and multiply". Having to spend our lives devoid of a spouse is like a summer without warmth, that is the sentence giving by those outrageous demands, but the one imposing those demands are not aware of the suffering they inflict on others, and if they are aware they just don’t care. Thus, the second law giving by The Christ is not fulfill, “Love your brother as you love yourself”. At this point you might want to say, what a shame, but hold that thought. What is really shameful is that as Muslims we must speak the word of God and it is so that every word we Muslims say that hurts another Muslim/a or prevent him/her from fulfilling the laws of God is a blasphemy.

But, how come we did not know the damage we were inflicting on other Muslimun/Muslimat by voluntarily or involuntarily preventing them from fulfilling The Will of God? The answer is simple, we did not read/speak the word of God, since we have never given time for The Word of God to live in us.

My advice to you is that when you ask or are asked for marriage you look for a reply that will reflect the word spoken by Mohamed, S.A.S., inside the cave on that month of Ramadan and specially remembering that it is God Himself Who says in verse 3: “Recite (Read/Speak His words without fears), and your Lord is the most Generous “.  


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