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Assalamu Alaikum,

I am a working woman ( working as a Principal in an school, which gives Islamic education along with other studies). Throughout the married life,  my husband is not able to earn sufficient money to run the family.  So I forced myself to work to look after the family.  My husband is into this Tableeq Jamaat activities, and he used to go for Jamaat and all.  Now he is asking me to quit my job, even though he is not able to give enough money for the family.  

He used to ask me to give importance to his family( my in laws)
He also telling that he has got some power from Allah which he can able to predict such things.

When he is not able to fulfil our needs as a husband and as a father is it a duty for me to obey him as a wife?( like serving food, his sexual need) etc.,

Is working in an islamic mahool(situation) is allowed in Islam for a woman?

He has become a fanatic.
You have every right to work and earn and doend it and he has to ptovide for you and not exploit Jamat going.
You have every right to disobey him if he abuses you and doesnot fulfil his duty by separation. But if you chode to live with him and take care of him then do it with love and honor.


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