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Dear Scholar,

I am 21 year old guy suffering from impotence. I got this problem from my own hands (masturbation). But I swear that I will not return to it if I get cured. I will dedicate my life to fight against it. However, if I don't get cured what should I do? Is celibacy allowed in Islam on this basis? I fear that no girl will ever marry me or leave me on this basis. Also, if I ask Allah for forgiveness, will he forgive this major sin of mine? I am visiting doctor today. Can you prescribe me any miraculous wazifa to cure this problem?

At the outset I must let you know that you will be, INSHALLAH, cured very soon Don't be disheartened.Kindly have faith on Allah. He is the greatest and He will,INSHALLAH, have you cured. Allah likes repentance by His servants/human being. Save and except adding partner to Him Allah has promised to forgive a person of all his sins provided he or she repents and begs pardon sincerely from the bottom of the heart. Celibacy is not allowed though several Walis of Allah remained unmarried for whole life.I assure that some miracle will certainly happen if you to you recite " Ya Azimu" three hundred times for forty days after Maghrib Namaz/Salat. Get married with a religious girl aS soon as you get cured. Please feel free to ask for any clarification if you so desire. I once again say that question of not getting cured does not arise at all.
Md.Zia-ul-Haque, B.Sc, LLB, Alim (Cal)
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