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Assalamu Alaikum,
   I am writing this in the hopes that I can gain some insight from those who are wiser than I am. I would like all respondents to respond based concrete facts and not “theories” or “misconceptions”
  First of all, about me, like most young Muslims living in western society I’ve had my rough times, and I’ve walked down the wrong path. Allah Sub7anah wa ta3ala has led me back to the right path. (wrong path= drinking, sex etc while I was in college) However, I’ve made my change back to the right path while I was still in school. I wanted to test myself and realize that the change I was making was because I was choosing to change with Allah’s help of course, and not after college where it becomes easier to make those changes.
First off, those who are using the words of Qur’an to justify that its haram; be careful in what you say. Allah has specifically mentioned things like Alcohol, gambling, sex, theft, and things that “harm your body” aka intoxicants plenty of time. However; I do not believe that Marijuana has those same effects.
When I used to drink; I was more prone to violence, making rash and stupid decisions, and can easily be led to thinking with my other head. Your memory can get impaired, your motor functions can weaken, and you can drink yourself to death. Hence in the Qur’an it sais that its harm is more than its good. For those that argue that they are the same, I’m sorry but I will have to disagree.
The plant has been proven to have been in existence since the beginning of time; therefore people would have been using it since they found out about its benefits. Yet why didn’t the Prophet SAW mention in at all? The companions of the Prophet may Allah be pleased with them asked just about every question that one could possibly think about. Even about sexual positions where “anal intercourse” was forbidden. From that one can come to the conclusion that they respected the Prophet but more than anything wanted knowledge from him. It is hard to believe that they did not ask such questions?
For those that argue that it is harmful to your health or that smoking is bad; I have plenty of things to say about that. So far marijuana has been associated with limiting the effect of Asthma, glaucoma a sickness of the eyes in which the nerves weaken from stress until the point where they snap and cause permanent blindness, anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression and so forth. More studies will come out that prove its usefulness. As to the effect of your health, you could choose to vaporize in which you won’t inhale toxins, you could use it as food in which that theory becomes completely negated.
Another point I have about medicine is if the doctor prescribes it will it be permissible? If so, when did Doctor’s begin to replace the Prophet and his teachings. I tore my knee in soccer when I was younger and the Doctor gave me certain amphetamines which were horrible, and the side effects were even worse. Compared to marijuana they were about 300-500% worse. They made me completely useless, not able to do anything but eat and sleep. I decided to ditch the pills and pick up the smoking.
I realized that I had more patience as a human being. I was kinder to my siblings and more interactive with my parents. We know what is right most of the time but doing what is right like not talking about and not say “offh” is sometimes difficult. When I was high that was not the case.
For those that say you lose your mind; to that I say I actually used to read Qur’an when I was high and it gave me a better understanding of the words that I read. I have also prayed while I was high and let me tell you; it was the only time in which I actually cried because of 5ushu3. The words just hit you that much stronger. How could this plant that brings out the virtues that Islam stands for; Patience, kindness, worship, self-control, refraining from sin, thinking of actions and consequences be labeled as the act of doing something 7aram.
Please respond with answers that are relevant based on what you have read above.


If the marijuana is used like an intoxicant as an   abuse of  drugs - then that would be Haram - but if it is prescribed by a doctor as a medication  for an illness - then it would be permissible   Inshaa Allaah




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