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QUESTION: asw, i am a reverted girl but my family does not know this they are searching a hindu it permissible to marry a hindu ? frankly speaking, i can't marry any non muslim but the problem is i don't have this much dare to tell to my family about this, also i can't tell them that i won't marry anyone for whole of my life....please help me...i have left everything on allah that he will show me a right path...i have a muslim boy freind too but he is not ready to marry me due to bihari per him, i should marry with non muslim, it won't affect on my iman bcz, allah has selected me, this life is only our exam, we will meet in aakhirat...but how can i do this..while in Quran sharif, allah says,  " i have choosen muslim partner for a muslim"...please help me

ANSWER: Wallaikum As Salaam!

May the Almighty Allah be with you always and especially in these difficult times.

Shame on your Muslim boyfriend who is misleading you to marry a idloater when Koran clearly
mentioned that even a slave believer is better than a idolater as a partner for a believing

When this Muslim boy did not have the guts to marry you even after you reverting to Islam and
knowing Koran better than him, then he doesn't deserves you.

Well, if there is no threat to your life then you stand up to your parents and confess about
you reverting to Islam and intends to marry a Muslim.

In case, you feel threat to your life, then you tell your parents that you will marry a boy who
is not an idolater and an atheist.

Be strong in your faith and stead fast in salat(namaz), zakat(charity) and saum(Fast) reading
Koran in the language you best understand. The Almighty Allah will be always with you.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.

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QUESTION: assalam alaikum, thanks for the answer...actually, i want to tell you something very personal... i used to get hidayat in my dreams when i was 15-16 years old but i did not take it seriously bcz, i belonged to a non muslim family...then one day, in my dream, it's said to me that Allah will send someone in your life and you will be changed totally, will stop doing these non-sense things...
really this started to happen when this boy came in my life, i got changed while he never said me these all...
i started to keep roza, namaz without informing him.
and it was my first Eid's morning, when i saw the dream that someone came near me and was writing something in a book and he asked me, " do u want something more?" then i started cry and told him, yes i want this boy...he said me that have u decided u want him really, it's not so easy.. i said yes, it's decided..then he did some correction on my left hand and went..from that day, i started to think, allah has selected him for me so i never asked this boy whether he will marry me and like that 7 years over, we are together...but, the problem came when my family started to search some other one..but, tell me , how can i think of another one while in my dreams, it's always said and courage me that he is for you and don't take tension...just, i want to ask, am i wrong somewhere or it was from allah...i started to learn arabic and now i can read quran in its pure language...also, this boy never told me that he will marry me bcz his family is very simple while mine is not and he said me that his old mother will die if he does something like that..nauzubillah, why i'l want this type of things get happen to his family...i always make dua that let give me a chance to do khidmat of his mother and his family, also its my dream to make her hajj with us...he loves me a lot but can't take a big decision..we are not in contact from 2 days...i think if it was from Allah then definitely Allah will give him hidayat and everything will be set in our life too bcz, Allah Ho Akbar and knows better...can i think, it's my exam taken by allah ta'ala and so, i should keep patience...hope, allah will like this and give me good result...kindly reply me

Wallaikum As Salaam!

The Almighty Allah never fails in guiding a sincere true seeker of truth & Islam.

Well, we all tend to dream those things that are difficult in real life, so do not relate
the devine guidance to your dream that lead you to revert to Islam.

Similarly, the boy you are in love with, if the Almighty Allah has destined this boy
as your partner, then Inshallah he will become courageous enough to convince his
parents, if not then accept it as the will of the Almighty Allah who knows what's best
for each one of us.

What religion you used to profess before reverting to Islam and what do you mean
by saying the boy's family is simple and yours not.

Please continue to be steadfast in salat, zakat and suam to lead a righteous life.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins & guide us all to the
true path of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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