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Islam/migration to a non muslim land


asalamoalikum sir!
i graduated from medical college last year in Pakistan. after completing my internship i intend to go to USA for higher speality training programme which extends over the course of 5 to 8 years. but i am unsure about ruling of islam regarding my migration to a non muslim land. keeping in view the facts that culture and society of my home country pakistan are far from islamic. but nonetheless its a muslim country where we hear adhan 5 times a day with easy access to mosques. if i pursue my training in pakistan clearly i would be able to practice islam with ease. i would not say that i am a pious religious man. i have my flaws but i always try to be a devout servant of Allah. i want to go to usa for sake of far better speciality training, a far better income and a prstigious degree which is accepted anywhere in the world for job oppurtunities. but extensive training schedule of medical residency very often does not allow medical residents to pray on time let alone praying in masjid which most probably would be out of question.  it gets much more difficult to observe fasts of Ramadhan as compared to pakistan. i cannot get this guarrantee that non muslim society in US hospital would be accomodating to my religious practices.... moreover many different kinds of evils prevail in their society, i dont know how easy or difficult it is to protect oneself from them... pakistan is not completely devoid of such evils but still they are not practiced openly. keeping in view all these circumstances does islam allows me to go to USA?? i desperately want to go there to make my carreer and get a degree which improves the chances of a good quality life anywhere in the world. but i am scared that i may invoke wrath of Allah Almighty by doing so ,which will lead to my disaster. please guide me..

Wallaikum As Salaam!

There is no where in the Koran that a Muslim has to live or educate oneself in an Islamic

I live in a non Islamic country and have no qualms to follow Islam as per the Koran.

In fact, USA is far better place to follow Islam as per the Koran than many of the so called
Islamic nations who have distorted/represent Islam wrongly w/o following the guidelines of
Koran. I do not have to name the nations here.

So, you are free to go anywhere in the world to pursue/further studies and Koran/Islam do not
put any restrictions on the places.

What if adhan is not heard 5 times in USA and what if mosques are not nearby to perform salat
in mosques only which is not a hard and fast rule as Koran asks Muslims to join congregation
salat on Juma in a mosque.

Vices and evil/satanic temptations are every where in the world and this is what the Almighty
Allah wants us to fight the satanic temptations and follow Islam as per the Koran.

Hence, pursue your studies in USA & Inshallah you can give back your country more.

And if salat is missed due to unavoidable circumstances during your stay in USA for studies the
Almighty Allah is the most beneficient and merciful to forgive as true repenter will always be

And same with fasting, if you skip fast due to unavoidable circumstances during your stay in USA, then you ask your parents to pay the Ramdan month ration in full to a poor person that
enable him to fast.

And Inshallah upon your studies completion and time availability you can observe fast for the
missed fasts during you future life time.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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