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asalamoalikum sir!
i graduated from medical college last year in Pakistan. after completing my intern-ship i intend to go to USA for higher speciality training programme which extends over the course of 5 to 8 years. but i am unsure about ruling of Islam regarding my migration to a non muslim land. keeping in view the facts that culture and society of my home country Pakistan are far from islamic. but nonetheless its a Muslim country where we hear adhan 5 times a day with easy access to mosques. if i pursue my training in pakistan clearly i would be able to practice Islam with ease. i would not say that i am a pious religious man. i have my flaws but i always try to be a devout servant of Allah. i want to go to usa for sake of far better speciality training, a far better income and a prstigious degree which is accepted anywhere in the world for job oppurtunities. but extensive training schedule of medical residency very often does not allow medical residents to pray on time let alone praying in masjid which most probably would be out of question.  it gets much more difficult to observe fasts of Ramadhan as compared to Pakistan. i cannot get this guarantee that non Muslim society in US hospital would be accommodating to my religious practices. moreover many different kinds of evils prevail in their society, i don't know how easy or difficult it is to protect oneself from them... Pakistan is not completely devoid of such evils but still they are not practised openly. keeping in view all these circumstances does Islam allows me to go to USA?? i desperately want to go there to make my career and get a degree which improves the chances of a good quality life anywhere in the world. but i am scared that i may invoke wrath of Allah Almighty by doing so ,which will lead to my disaster. please guide me...

My dear brother in Islam,
Walaikum Assalam
I am delighted and feel pleasure to answer your question which will help many Muslims across the world.
According to an authentic Hadish, Prophet of Islam (S.W.A) had said " If necessary go to China to acquire knowledge."  MASHALLAH, you are in medical profession and if you go to USA  (A non Muslim country) for higher studies or higher training and that after successful completion of the course/training if you come back to Pakistan then who will be benefited? No doubt your country men most of whom are Muslims.Perhaps you are in the know of the fact that there were hardly any Muslim or Masjid in China when Janab-E-Islam Prophet Muhammed (S.W.A)had recommended the Muslims to go to China to acquire knowledge, if necessary. It is a matter of rejoice that millions of Muslims and hundreds of Mosques are there in all over USA and as such, INSHALLAH, you will not have any problem at all in practicing Islam.Islam is the fastest growing Religion in USA now. That apart, non Muslim Society in US hospital(s) and elsewhere can not prevent you from practicing your Religion. No denying the fact it is that different kinds of evil practices prevail even in Madina Sharif where Mazhar-E-Aqdas of Prophet of Islam is located. Such evil practices also prevail in Macca Sharif where Muslims are required to go for Haj one of the five pillars of Islam. Satan is every where and we have been repeatedly cautioned by ALLAH Pak and Prophet Muhammed (S.W.A) to be careful from Satan the open enemy Muslims and/or human being.          
In view of above, with all responsibility, I say that Islam does permit you to migrate to USA or any country in the world for such noble putpose)s)
Brother, I wish you every success in life.   
Alim & Advocate


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