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Islam/killing insects with poison


I have a whole lot of doubts .but let me start wit this.
Is killing cockroach and lizard with poison (eg. hit gel) or is it a sin...
What can we do if the workers who work for building my house have created a small temple in the centre of the land .can we order to take it off..or is that compulsory to b removed away...or is it okay since only they believe it not us...
thank you

Ans No.1:You may kill any animal,which can harm you,better by using poison than in a cruel way/manner.
Ans No.2: You have not stated the religion of the workers who have created temple in your land. Temples are built to worship idols which is strictly prohibited even hindu religion.Their religious scripture says whosoever worships idols will be heading towards darkness. That apart, Bhagwan has also said in their scripture " Aham Eko Dujo Nasti." Means I am one, there is no second one. It is also stated "Ekam Brah, Ditiya  Nasti, Ney, Na, Nasti, Kinchan" Means Bhagwan is one, no second one, no, not at all, not even a least. You know God and/or Bhagwan means Allah and therefore no temple should have had been created by your workers for the purpose of worshiping dummy and/or fake God or Bhagwan in contravention and/or in contradiction to their religious tenets. Therefore You must try your best to have the temple  removed/demolished. This is not at all a sin.
Mufti Md.Zia-ul-Haque, B.Sc, LLB, Alim (Cal)
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