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QUESTION: hi bro..
1. my brother is coming from dubai to chennai at 2/5/2014 which is friday .Im living in tiruvarur.which is 8 hr travel (tiruvarur-chennai).Do I have any province according to Islam to leave zummah.Give me a fine solution bro with hathees and quran light

ANSWER: Dear brother,
In Holy Quran Allah Pak has clearly said "Wama Khalaktun Jinna Wal Insa Illa Leyabatun" maeans I have created Jinn and human being only for my worship. You know Namaz/Salat is the greatest Ibadat liked and desired by Allah. Jumma is a Namaz which has to be offered in Jamat and in case if one misses Jamat of Jumma Namaz then according authentic Hadish he has to offer Zohr namaz.
Brother, please feel free to ask for any clarification in any matter you like.

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QUESTION: if i intentionally miss the prayer of zummah because of above it a sin... if i offer zuhr that day... will it b good... is it allowed in Islam for exceptions like mine

No, brother no. Intentionally no one should miss any Prayer(Namaz). Try to find out whether any Masjid is near the airport and if the time of your brother's arrival does clash with time of Jumma Namaz then please offer the namaz and go to receive your brother. Alternatively make a call to your brother to wait for you till you become free after JUmma Namaz. As a last resort you are permitted to offer Zohr Namaz. Moreover you will be on a tour to a distant place and therefore simply offer Zohr as the situation is beyond your control. We are allowed to offer Zohr Namaz only for such reasons.I don't think it will  be a sin if you offer Zohr Namaz on that day. Allh is all knowing all hearing. He likes to forgive his servants who repent sincerely.


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