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HelloDear brother ASAK,

>>>Im muhmin from Poona. i love quran and Urantia book(do u heard that? please read Urantia book. please try once). Im looking a girl with beautiful outlook. Upto now im not at all getting any cute girl to also good looking.
even she is not so much deeni also no problem to me.

even she is  less faithful also no problem.i can train her to develope her faith. but now im frustrated still im not finding either christian or muslim(beautiful girl) to marry.

Im very much worried and stressful but no more help from allah side. Bangaladeshi Saudi or Irani muslim girls are ok to me. some how i have to achieve. some how..

please help me


Your problem is not Islamic. Uranta book is not Islamic literature.
For you marriage please contact a match maker of a matrimonial agency. You
may send your photo and bio graph by email


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