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asak,I am a revert muslim and I started wearing hijab some five years ago but only in public as it is prevalant in indian society.I could not and have not been able to wear hijab or cover my head infront of the na-mehrams in the family like male in laws.Is it useless then to wear hijab in public if I cannot extend it to inside the house,I feel its a way of showing off in my I am having second thoughts about wearing hijab in public as well.Brother kindly air your views.and any solution.And how big a gunaah I am commiting not covering head at home.
Assalamalaikum,Jazak Allahu Khairan.

Dear Sister,
It is not the women of India or Pakistan who wear Hijab in public but I find the said practice in many countries where a section of women has made it a style to wear Hijab in public. In your case it is different as you are reverted to Islam and it is really a matter rejoice that you wear Hijab in public for fear of ALLAH. You can appear before the public without covering your face and wrists of both the hands and there is no difficulty if you are in that state in front of na-mahram of the male in laws of the family. But please don't discontinue wearing Hijab. Though it is a major sin but such sin(s) will be certainly forgiven by Allah if you Pray to HIM sincerely from the bottom of your heart. ALLAH likes to forgive HIS servants.


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