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Salaam Alaikum.
I have a question concerning paying off family member's debt.

My wife's sister has gotten herself into trouble with Dubai courts for unpaid debts from back in mid 2000s. Since then, she has left the country. She lives pay check to pay check now.
My wife has income from a property. Half that should belong to her sister, although she didn't tell her so she could save up to pay off the debt for her.
The banks are asking for an amount that is so high it would take all my wife's money as well as what was saved of her sister's half (she owes ALOT).
My wife says she would use all of her money. I am not happy with it (especially since her sister would spend it all if she knew the money was there without paying back the bank).
So my question is, should I shut up about it and just let my wife pay it or still advise that I don't think its the wises thing to do? So confused. :(

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


Dear Brother,

I am sorry for the late reply.

Your wive has the right to spend her money freely without let/hindrance from anyone. However you have the right to give her suggestions and opinions with regards to any matters that is beyond her intellectual skills.

However since its not your money - you cannot block her moves. Further, any money spend will be a form of sadaqah from her and it will multiply a manifold increase would be rewarded on the day of judgement.

[Quran 3:133] And march forth in the way (which leads to) forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for Al-Muttaqun (Pious or God fearing)

[Quran 3:134] Those who spend in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger,and who pardon men; verily, Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good­doers).

[Quran 2:177] It is not righteousness that you turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in Allah (God) and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves;...


Its my duty to help those in need. You are free to ask as many questions as you like.

If you are not convinced or feel the answer did not address all your questions, pls write back immediately without any hesitation. Please do forgive me if there is an unexpected delay in replying.


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( Note: I am not a mufti, if you are in doubt or want 100% accuracy please verify the above hadith with an authentic personality. However I have not altered any hadith and presented it as and how it was found. May Allah forgive our mistakes from time to time...ameen.)


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