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Assalam mualaykum brother.. An egyptian man is wants to marry me and I am a black african from Nigeria. we are working in the same place.. He his interested in me but have not yet proposed to me because he wants to find out more about me. The problem is his friends are discouraging him simply because am a black & told him am a mushrikinat... God knows am a good single muslimah & am praying 4 a husband to marry & I don't believe in any haram relationship.. I know Allah has answered my prayers & he is testing my faith.. Please what advice can you give me because am afarid and confused &  don't know how safe polygamy marriage will be...Thank you

Dear Sister,
The Egyptian boy is interested to marry you and therefore how do call this as polygamy. Is that boy already married? If not then you can not term it as polygamy. Let me pray to Allah so that the boy may marry very soon.


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