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Islam/Question: Suffering from great faith and spiritual loss.


Assalamulaikum Sir,

I am a 21 year old person who is suffering from great faith and spiritual loss. I literally feel like my soul is corrupted and will die from this spiritual loss. My history is spiritually very painful. Actually, I used to strive to be a good Muslim. I used to pray 5 times in a day and I used to do this 5 to 6 years ago. I used to feel spiritually alive. I had iman on Allah and Islam. However, my mind began to have doubts about islam. From that day till this date I am feeling great spiritual loss and spiritual distress. I just can not mention to you how bad I am feeling about my soul. I feel that my soul is dead. I have consulted several scholars but they never give me satisfactory answer. I am just looking for more scholars so that they can answer my questions. I just feel alone. I feel like my heart is spiritually dead, and it is thirsty for the guidance of Allah. I also feel severe depression because of this. I am not taking any medicines. This problem is spiritual. I don't think that any scholar can give me any satisfactory answer. You can not even imagine what I am suffering from. I literally feel that I am spiritually dead because of no imaan in me. Therefore, I want to know any way from which I can communicate directly with Allah regarding my religious matters? I think that only Allah can give me guidance and only Allah gives iman to his slaves and only Allah can give me satisfactory answers to all of my questions. Therefore, I want to know whether it is possible after intensive meditation and prayer to communicate with Allah? Can you give me any wazifa for this?

Dear brother,
It is really painful that from a pious Muslim you are now "suffering from great faith and spiritual loss". Any way, don't be disheartened. Please try to resume you five times NAMAZ and Pray to ALLAH so that HE makes an end to your problem. I know a teenager girl who faced similar problem and was advised to say AUZOBILLAH-E-MINASSAITAN-E-RAZIM 111 times after each Namaz and Pray to ALLAH to cure hir. It is matter of rejoice that her problem was over in 40 days and the girl is now a Professor in a College in U.S.A. So far communication with ALLAH is concerned, we all Muslims communicate with HIM but neither can we see HIM nor can we Hear HIM but certainly  HE ANSWERS TO OUR PRAYER/CALL AND WE GET THE RESULT. ALHUMDULILLAH. ALLAH IS ALL KNOWING AND ALL HEARING.
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