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QUESTION: sir, I have a lot of dreams, I vnt become a doctor . I have a love with    a same religion muslim he is my 3 yrs elder. Iam writing a book of saying a girl story . Sir I want a sucess in all dis .pls help me

ANSWER: As a Muslim first learn to wish with a Salaam since Koran commands all Muslims to address each
other with a salaam as and when they write to each other or come across each other.

Well, to become a doctor and write a book, work very hard, Inshallah success will be on your

As far as your love life is concerned, give time and if you are destined to be his wife by the
Almighty Allah, nothing can stop it from happening.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.

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QUESTION: Wasalaam sir,
Iam sry sir I got a wrong inform that womens have no permission sae salaam to other mens so I do it.
   Sir , I na that allah knows how will be my life but sir our love is true I cNt live without him. I do ishtikara for my love. How many days I want to do it.?? Sir dr is any other thing I want do. Pls help me sir

As Salaam Alaikum!

Yes, some body misguided you on saying salaam only to marham men which is wrong, Koran commands
all Muslims to wish each other with salaam as and when they come across each other or write to
each other.

The chat is spoiling the written English of many youngsters and you have to improve your basic
English, grammatical and framing of sentences.

Some correction in your message.....
either is it wrong information or wrongly informed and not wrong inform..., further man & woman
plurals are 'Men & Women and not Mens or Womens.

There is no isthikhara nonsense, only the Almighty Allah knows everything, so stop it.

What's your priority now, first & foremost is to become a doctor and going by your English
it looks very difficult, so better brush up your English first and work hard towards getting
a medical seat first.

Love can wait and also over time the true feelings toward each other will surface & change too.

So for time being concentrate on your studies leaving rest to the Almighty Allah by observing
your daily salat, Zakat, fasts in Ramadan, apart from reading Koran in the language you best

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May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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