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Sorry for asking many question but to avoid doubts taking over me i thought its best to ask you.

Yesterday inside a basket there was one if my najis trouser and top
Of the basket which dry and clean i place my
Clean cloth. It happends that i made wudu and dry my self i remove the najis trouser
From basket for a wash my hands touch my clean thsirt now i dont know wether my hands were wet and wet enough to make thsirt wet. Also if wetness been transfer it would have been very small.

Also as you know that i lived in state of najisat one brother toake be to consider every thing clean and forgot tr past i try to follow this advice but i can't all thr time. It my work place i touch thing i think i becamr najis. Like tr handset and Rome TV and other object now how to clean them.

Also if hands were najis and i touch the phone how should i clean the. Phone. I wash both hands first and dry it then hold the phone in one hands as i am wiping the phone the wetness from phone reach my hands does that becamrnjaid

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

NO IT WONT BECOME NAJIS. In order to avoid confusion do not touch anything unless your hand is clean. if you don't get water then clean your hand with soil.
Or another way is to use tissue paper to touch or lift anything if your hand is najis.



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