QUESTION: Brother as you know that in past I lived in impurity and make slot of object in pure yesterday one towel fall down on toilet floor and I saw it hangs in toilet other people wipe remiss elf and I did as well now I think I became naked

Today I was making istinja and I pour water and my private part once from the cup and the I was washing my hands and cup touch my hands now I n think that the cup became nsjjd- be chase the handsI wash pprivate part I pour eater once- also I think before that  I had pour water

Also in one of the last question I asked the cloth got wet because they were place outside and it rained my um took those wet cloth in a bag where nsjjd cot were placed now I dink know wet her they come in contact or not- I told you that she placed nsjjd cloth in washing machine and fro there she took it to launfary

ANSWER: cup didn't become najis. Its fine.

forget the cloth and rain because its old story now. Recite ayatul qursi and blow over those clothes whome you considered may have become najis. This is the only way left in order to repel the waswasa from satan in regards to confusion in purity.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Brother a few week ago I put my nsjis cloth in washinh machine for a wash when I came from work and found out that mschine was broken I remove my cloth which had littlenurine on it.but next to that cloth was a wet cloth which I remove as weel does the washing machine became najjs. 

A few days later my mum ask me if I hsve cloth for wash. I gibe here cloth and some of them had najasat oj it. But I thunj it was very smakk I rained and those cloth got wet foes that basket becane najjs. Some other cloth which which I diubt were najis were place in the broken machine. Next day she took thr wet najast cloth and cloth from washing machibe to laundary. Now I have doubt that those cloth colud have come in contact and made the  bag najis.when cloth were washed my mum brought  the washed cloth in same bag does all clith bevanr najis. Now I refrain fri thise clith that were washed at that day.some of itni have wore.shiukd I wash the other or washed them again

Brother whenever you give cloth that is najis...please soak it in water and remove the najis and then give for washing otherwise everytime you will face this problem

If you cannot wash complete cloth..then at least wash the portion which is suspected to be najis.



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