Allah created all human. why is it that some are dumb while most intelligent. why is that one becomes an engineer and other remains poor and unemployed through out the life.
While people mary in their 23's why are others immature at that very age?

i persued education for 16 years and in after completing 16 years of education, i had to repeat 6 more years for being dumb. Why
is it, that my 6 years are wasted?

I wished to marry a girl of my choice but being unemployed i cant and she got married. I ask Why?

Muslims die in Gaza they scream, yell, cry why does Allah not listen to them and help jews in every feild?

Sectarianism is a bitter fact, then why is it that some muslims just deny it verbally. no one lives or marries in other sect?

As Salaam Alaikum!

As Muslims we are commanded to wish each other with a 'Salaam' in the Koran as and we meet or
write to each other.

Yes the Almighty Allah created all human beings but in accordance to the environment they live
in and asked us to submit to the creator and lead a righteous life.

However, the Almighty Allah gives every human being an opportunity to achieve something but
some gets swayed away by the Satan and miss those opportunities to realize at a later stage
and start questioning in this manner to the creator.

Well, you completed 16 years of education and claiming that you are repeating 6 years again for
being dumb.

Did you find out what happened in those 6 years? Did you sum up the failures and success to
apply in your future life not to repeat those failures. Those 6 years did not go waste but
wizened you up if you think with a positive frame of mind.

Regarding your marriage, you knew you were unemployed and wouldn't have been able to give her
happiness and support that an young wife want, so don't you think it's better that she got
married to a much better settled man. Be happy for her if you truly loved her, perhaps who
knows you may be destined to get married to a better girl, provided you find employment soon.

Yes, Muslims die in Gaza as do other innocent lives are lost due to man's devilish acts, but
how many Muslims nations are coming together to fight against the oppression in Palestine.

Further, it's the not the Jews but the Zionist who are swayed away by the Satan and creating
this violence against innocent life in Gaza and other countries.

Jews are blessed by the Almighty Allah and said so in the Koran, but also warned against some
who got swayed away by the Satan & continues to follow the footstep of the Satan till doomsday.

So do not use a general term as Jews, but Zionist would be appropriate. Further, the good Jews
were tested by the Almighty Allah and struggled in their life too following Prophet Moses due
to which the Almighty Allah blessed them with intelligence with which they discovered so many
things that are useful to mankind even today. Please click on the internet to find out the
Jewish scientist/philosophers and noble laureate that outnumbers rest of all the communities
put together.

Why blame the Almighty Allah, when the fault lies with all Muslims in the world. Look at your
own country, what Pakistan used to be and now, who is to be blamed the Almighty Allah or the
people of Pakistan?

Coming to sectarianism, ask yourself what sect our beloved prophet belongs to and you will know
how all Muslims got swayed away by the Satan dividing Muslims into so many sects.

When am asked by people all over the world including Islamic countries I just say am a Muslim
and not Shia, Sunni, Hanafi etc. I offered Salat in all Mosques in Islamic countries from KSA
to Iran/India.

So, stop thinking on these lines and concentrate on what you want to achieve prioritizing that
I think employment is your first priority.

And please read, study & follow Koran and be steadfast in your salat, zakat and fast to see a
change in you, leading to a righteous life.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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