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QUESTION: Hello sir i heard that in islam a hadees says one must follow the law of land.

Can you explain me this hadees ?

My land law currently permits me to drink alcohol .. so can i do it ?

or i must not do it as it contradicts islam ?

What if a law of land contradicts islam like for ex : A divorce proceeding according to islam is very different from a divorce proceeding in my country.

But in such case one have a choice to follow to Islamism law or country law. The country law however contradicts the proceeding of divorce according to islam.

so should i follow islamic law or country law ? if i chose to follow country law .. am i sinful ? as i have choice to follow islamic law but i am not doing it.

and if i can follow country law and i am not sin fun then how am i sinful if i drink alcohol.? as that is the same case.

Please note : Both of the country laws dose not for me to follow them.. i can chose to follow them if i want to and both of them contradicts islam

ANSWER: Dear brother,
First learn to greet a Muslim brother by saying "Assalam-O-Alaikum" and not by saying hello.
Not only your country but many countries have allowed their citizens to drink alcohol but it is optional not mandatory.In Islam it is strictly prohibited and therefore no Muslim should touch or drink alcohol. So far following or abiding  by the law of the land is concerned a Muslim should try to follow Islamic Law but as chopping of hands and death by stoning are not permitted in all most all the countries in the world  therefore a  Muslim has to abide by the Law of concerned country. If you are not prevented or debarred to follow Islamic Law in the Country where you stay then you should strictly follow Islamic Law.
Md.Zia-ul-Haque, B.Sc, LLB, Alim (Cal)
Alim & Advocate
Amicus Curiae, Supreme Court of India

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Assalam-O-Alaikum'

Really sorry if you felt bad.. Dint mean to hurt any one.

Ok as for your saying i am in complete agreement with you.

Now as i have said about the divorce case..

If a women is allowed to follow Islamic law to divroce (i.e She is not "Forced" by any one.. neither is any one stopping her from following the islamic law )

but she herself choses to follow the law of the land.. which is cruel to husbands and is in contrdict of islam.

The law of land states that on Divorce husband will loose 50 % of his property and income even tough it was bought before marriage.

It also states that , If a wife walks out on her husband on her own without any valid reason or abuse her husband or anything.. basically if the divorce happens  she will be entitled to half of husbands property..dose not matter if the divorce happens by her fault or if she was abusive to the husband.

But the law also states that.."If she wants to follow her own sharia law.. she is free to do so" and there is no harm on her. But she can follow county law also "if she wants to".

Under such harsh man made laws to demote marriage - If she chose to follow the country law and not the islamic law and take 50 % of husbands property and 50 % of his salary every month for the rest of her life

as this law is of-course is contradicting the islamic process of divorce and quran and hadees

Q.Then will she be sinful if she uses man made laws ? and how much sinful ? and will the husband get back the money(sawab of monay) in afterlife ? like when some one owes some one money.. they will pay the money or sawab in afterlife.. will the wife owe the money to the husband which she took by using man made laws ?

Please note : That she is "free" to follow Islamic law of divorce.. but she chooses to follow the man made laws and they are in direct contradiction of Islamic process of divorce .. (same as in case of alcohol example) as the law clearly states that she is "not forced" to follow the land of law and can follow her own Muslim law.

No my dear brother no. I am not at all hurt.
If any Muslim male or female ignores Islamic Law and/or compels  another Muslim male or female to ignore or insult Islamic Law then he or she will commit sin exact punishment prescribed for such sin or offense has not been revealed by Almighty Allah but it is a major sin. I am an Advocate and I know how the law courts are deciding cases contrary to Islamic Law. What can we do. In such cases Muslims who opt to take benefit in contravention  to Islamic Law are committing major sins.

I think you are  having some family problem. You will be happy to know that I have been  appointed as an Amicus Curiae by Supreme Court of India. In case you need free legal advise then kindly contact me at 09614424368 or Email me at without an iota of hesitation. I will be too happy to help you to earn ALLAH's Mercy/Blessings.


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