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First of all, when I asked a question previously, you marked it as "homework" question. In reality, it was not a "homework" question.

Anyway, today I am going to ask a very important and serious question. I am NOT a shia or Quran alone Muslim.

I was reading some hadiths of the two collections of Al-bukhari and Muslim and found some weird hadith which CAN Not be justified by ANYONE. I can even provide them in the follow-up question, but I want to know your view of these two collections of hadiths. Majority of Mullahs and scholars consider Al-Bukhari and Muslim to be 100% correct and authentic collection of hadiths. But the problem is not solved here, in fact, the problem is worsened. I am a researcher, and during my research, I found something very contrary to what these mullahs and scholars believe. I found that NOT all hadith of Bukhari and Muslim are 100% correct or authentic. I can give you the source. I am waiting for your answer.

ANSWER: My brother,
I am sorry, I don't remember when did I reject your question. Anyway,, coming to your present question I must apprise you of the fact that whenever you find any "Hadish Sharif" which conflicts or contradicts with Holy Quran then without any hesitation you should come to the conclusion that said "Hadish Sharif" is fake.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your answer. My question is that why do these mullahs and top order "scholars" believe that books like bukhari and muslim are 100% authentic and correct? Can't they see that many hadith are not authentic and even does not make any sense? For example, the hadith of stoning of the she monkey for adultery, etc?

Can I again ask the question which you rejected previously?


My dear brother,
I don't know whom do you call and consider as MUllah and top scholars. However by sporting beard one can not become Mullah or Moulvi.
Please send your question if not already got the answer from other expert(s)


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