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God created us for personal relationship with Him and His greatest desire is that we would be like Him, that we would live the same powerful, pure and miraculous life that is in Him. And that is only possible by God living in and through us by His Holy Spirit whom He gives to our hearts when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

There is no way we can earn God's free grace All of life is a gift including eternal life! Grace is a gift. That means you don't have to work your tail off to be loved by God. Jesus Christ died on the Cross so we could have a living, vital relationship with God the Father, not just a bunch of rules and regulations we're forced to follow. Jesus is the Way to the Father. Jesus is the only Savior of the world who redeemed us so we can know God personally and live in His presence and experience His love.

The greatest difference between christianity and islam is that christianity is reality of God and personal relationship with Him, God is holy, He is love and He is our Father. Christianity is based on life, power and words of sinless pure Jesus. Islam is just a set of rules, regulations, ceremonies. It's a lifestyle based on a mere man who never made one miracle which would prove he was sent by God and whose god never proved he exists

God revealed Himself as a Personal God who wants to talk to us, guide us individually and have personal relationship with each of us whom He made His children. That is what God created us for! Allah is only a myth, a word on paper, and there is no reality to him and islam is only set of rules ad rituals. Ask God to manifest and reveal Himself in your life and He will!

islam is only a set of rules from an immoral man who wanted to rule people. all you ned to do is think who you follow. islam is merely a set of ideas and propositions. but christianity is reality of God and is personal relationship with God based on His love, power and grace. All of it is given to us in Jesus Christ through His cross where He died in our place and He rose from the dead that we would have access to the throne of God who became our Father and made us His children on whom He bestowed all His abundant blessings and forgave us our sins. God is LOVE!

Crucifixion of Jesus on the cross is a Historical FACT so muhamad who said in koran that Jesus didnt dieon the cross LIED. also, the whole islam stands on the words of muhamad who lied, raped, who was a pedophile, who was a rapist and mass murderer who cut off heads of hundreds of people, who was an adulterer and who came over 600 years after holy sinless Jesus already said who He was and proved that with miracles and power but muhamad never proved a word he said and his god alah is also only on paper and only he never proved he is real but also he has no contact with his followers and he was not even able to save them but Jesus saved us by His love and grace so please look who you follow. Jesus is love. so why do you follow a liar and pedophile and murderer and rapist and want others to lose their life and eternity and salvation Jesus FREELY offered us ?

"Therefore they took Jesus away.Carrying His own cross, He went out to what is called Skull Place, which in Hebrew is called Golgotha. There they crucified Him and two others with Him, one on either side, with Jesus in the middle. Pilate also had a sign lettered and put on the cross. The inscription was: JESUS THE NAZARENE THE KING OF THE JEWS". - John 19:17-19

every blessing

As Salaam Alaikum (Peace to you) Ms. Ania!

Well, the difference between you as a misguided Christian and I as a guided Muslim is that I
follow the Koran that respects and ask all believing Muslims to read the previous scriptures
i.e Torah(Five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy),Pslams
of David & the Bible) and believe in the prophets mentioned in these books & respect their
religion (even if some are misguided/follows against the teachings of these books).

For your information, there are individual chapters on Prophet Jesus's (may peace be upon him)
mother (Mariam, chapter 19)& her Father (Al Imraan, chapter 3)that tells in detail about the
Prophet Jesus's(peace be upon you)birth & miracles done by him through the Almighty's

We Muslim unlike most of the other religious followers never takes any Prophet's names just
like that and never swears on prophet's name at the drop of a hat.

This itself speaks of the glorious Koran and the Muslims who follows Koran that commands to
respect all the prophets and ask every Muslim to read the previous scriptures.

Am sure whatever little knowledge/wisdom through the Almighty's blessings I gained, I have yet
to come across in the Bible or Torah or Psalms asking its followers to either say or look down
upon or talk with disrespect to another human being leave alone the religious prophets that is
far fetched.

Anyway, Muslims re commanded in the Koran that when any Jew or a Christian wants to argue or
dispute about Koran, to say peace to you and to remind them that all the prophets believed in
one & the only Almighty that we all now believe in.

If you continue to reply with disrespect either to Koran or to Prophet Mohammed, then I'll be
forced to block you.

May the Almighty creator of all the universes & whatever that exists between the earth and the
skies forgive our sins and guide all us to the righteous life.  


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