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QUESTION: Assalamoalikum, I am working for a consulting firm in non-muslim country and my company has different clients belong to different industry, I am getting one small project from a beverage company which manufactures alcohol product, now I am very tense If I should do this project as client is a Alcohol manufacturing company. But If I refuse this work maybe there will be problem with my employment and I have responsibility of whole family, please advise if I should accept this small project and look for another one. Please reply.

ANSWER: Dear brother,
Almighty Allah is called also as Rezzaqo. He will give you money and employment of course if you sincerely pray to Him.It is strictly prohibited to be associated with drinking and dealing with  alcohol in way/manner  whatsoever. If the project you are getting is related to manufacturing alcohol then you should refuse it. Just see whether it  relating alcohol manufacture or other products i.e soft drinks.  
Md.Zia-ul-Haque, B.Sc, LLB, Alim (Cal)

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QUESTION: Thank you for your anser, my project is not related to manufacturing alcohol at all, I work for a consulting company (Enginerring/IT related), my question is I need to work for small time in a alcohol manufacturing company (one of my company's client, maybe for 3-6 month) for Data analytics consulting project. My work would involve computer programming and advising management on data analytics. But I will be getting money from my company which is not a alcohol manufacturing company. Please let me know if my question is not clear. Thank you for help.

Dealing with alcohol is prohibited in every manner. Please make it clear whether programming involves with the alcohol company. Muslim should avoid such work in strict sense.
Even counting of bottles of alcohol for sale is also a sin.


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