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QUESTION: As I have already discussed with you that I am a hindu who loves a muslim however I am a non idol worshipper and believe firmly in one god for all. I am continuously reading quran and geeta so that i can walk on correct path to convert this love into pious marriage blessed from god. I found that the base and teachings of both the books is same but there are difference in belief of various other things like reincarnation etc. Astrology and vastu is not allowed in Islam but its nowhere restricted in hinduism as far as i know.
According to Geeta God   however permits to follow our will of worshipping idols and says that the demi gods follow the eternal ultimate gods will only but God also says that by doing so we will definitely get our materialistic desires fulfilled and will not reach the eternal god who is above everything. those who worship demigods will reach to planets of demigods and not him. Quran however strictly restricts this. though i am not an idol worshipper i still feel confused.
Since i am from a hindu background and have been raised with few cultural teachings as well I would really like to know how should I go about this. what should be my way of thinking? is Quran the only correct book? whats the evidence. Can one not follow Quran keeping the Geeta teachings also in mind? coz anything good coming from any source should be welcomed thats what I believe. I actually dont believe in religious cultural traditions..however I very firmly believe in Gods existence and doing good deeds..following his instructions but by confusion is  few instructions are different in the two books. How do I know..quran is the last revelation and Geeta has changed over the years as told to me by many muslim people. I don't doubt quran and similarly i am not able to doubt geeta either. I want logic to be sure. I want to know why other books can be said to be not that logical or correct. and this is not just qith geeta I am a person who believes in learning good things from every source that one comes it budhism or christanity. Kindly guide with explanations

ANSWER: Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


Dear Sister,

A wonderfull question.
yes you can keep the good teachings of the Quran/Geeta and any other book that teaches or directs you to do good.
But the biggest challenge here is how to categorize the "good" and the "bad"
For us wearing a bikini maybe bad/objectionable but for the western society its good/non objectionable.

For hindus - worshipping idols is good, drinking cows urine is good/recommended...but for others its bad and a sin.

So we need to indentify the book which clarifies in straight words and lays down the perfect criterian.

No book says this except the Quran. It explicitly states that its from God and is saved from corruption etc

[Quran 12:2] We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran, in order that you may learn wisdom.

[Quran 17:9 Verily this Quran does guide to that which is most right (or stable), and give the Glad Tidings to the Believers who work deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a magnificent reward

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QUESTION: Good evening sir,
please note i have no intension at all to doubt quran or any other reigious beliefs ..I am too curious and full of questions as you know I have chosen my life partner and he is muslim. So I really want to leave no stone unturned to strengthen my belief and to choose the right path.

thank you for replying to all my questions and kindly let me know  
1) how do we know that the verses which say that Quran is the last revelation has not been inserted by humans  and that quran also doesn't contain some modified facts and teachings like other books.

2)also i would really like to know why do muslims eat cow? since I as a child have always been taught to respect animals and how a cow is a religious symbol because she provides us with milk and many other benefits. I am not against non vegetarianism as I believe one should eat what satisfies ones soul...I am a vegetarian though. but I am really in dilemma how  would I be able to see by family eating cow which is considered the greatest sin in hinduism.

1. The Quran does not contain any human insertions once it was completed. A very General Knowledge proof is that the Quran exists only in one version and since its revelation has been passed on to generations by memorized recitations...leave alone written text on paper.

Even if all the written Quran in the world was lost...still the Quran could be re-produced in full and exactly same from those millions of people that have always memorized the Quran word by word.

2. As for the cow problem...let me inform you that its not only muslims...but the hindus of Bengal/Kerala too consume cow meat. Non-vegetarianism is not a hindu system...but its imported from Jainism and Buddhism. I have visited Nepal MAndir/TEmples and have seen myself goats being sacrificed in the name of Gods/Goddesses.

Anything else please do write back.



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