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Islam believes that Muhammad was the last Prophet after Jesus?  What about Joseph Smith and the Latter Day Saints belief of a living Prophet today.............President Monson? The Mormons and Muslims have a lot in common.  How do the two religions compare side by side?

Peace to you (As Salaam Alaikum) Jackie!

Yes, the Koran confirms Prophet Mohammed is the seal of prophets which mean he is the last
prophet with Koran as the final book confirming previous scriptures.

Difference between a Prophet and messenger or saint is that Prophets has come into this world
with a holy book/scripture or without, but a messenger or a saint has not come or will never
come with a holy book/scripture.

It's very simple like all Prophets were also messengers & saints but all messengers or saints
were/are not Prophets, hence Prophet Mohammed was the last prophet or seal of the prophets and
no prophet will appear/comes in future till the dooms day.

Our world has seen messengers and saints in the past, present & continue to see in the future
the Almighty creators messengers and saints to guide the man kind to the true path.

As as matter of fact, people like late mother Teressa or Joseph Smith or President Monson may
be or may not be saints or messengers of the Almighty creator but they were definitely not the
prophets for sure.

Am not so well versed with Mormons but generally heard they are more orthodox than Christians &
practices polygamy that might have forced you to conclude it's similarity with Islam.

But at the same time Mormons condemn multiple marriages of King David & Solomon unlike Koran
where both of them were Prophets and were blessed abundantly with wealth and wisdom.

Islam do not advocate polygamy, but asks a man to support destitute young woman by accepting
them in marriage like how Prophet Mohammed practiced during his life time. Though Koran say's
that a man can marry 4 times at a time but in the same tone it will also imposes a condition
that the man should treat all 4 wives equally. Do you think man can satisfy this condition?

But if some Muslims taking advantage of the 4 wives verse & marry 4 times for mere pleasure
then they'll be answerable to the Almighty Creator on the judgement day.

Islam that you concluded after coming across some ignorant/misguided Muslims who mis-represents
a wrong Islam unfortunately is not the true picture of Islam.

One should read & study Koran to know the true Islam & then you'll never say Islam is similar
to any other religion.

May the Almighty Creator forgive all our sins & guide us to lead a righteous life.


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