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QUESTION: I am a homosexual(gay) male living in the United States. Many of the religious people here seem to hate me and I am getting sick of it! I was born and raised Christian and have left the religion. No one has tried to kill me but I have been beaten pretty badly due to my way of life. I am tired of people on Earth judging me, I know and accept that when I die, I will be judged by a higher power. The men here have no right to cause violence against me.

Other than the fact I am gay, I do my best to be a good person and help other people. I often volunteer my time at a local homeless shelter and cook and clean in the kitchen.

I was thinking about converting to Islam as I have heard it is a religion of true peace and equality from Muslims. The people over here believe that it is a religion of hate and inequality. I have a few questions for you.

There is a Mosque near me and I am thinking of going there soon.

I would like to meet a Muslim man there to start a friendship with. I know a place of worship is not the place to find a date, but when we all leave is it OK to ask some of these men out for dinner? I can usually tell who else is gay by the way we look at each other. It is often the same as when a man and a woman "flirt".

If I convert to Islam and then decide a few years later that I want to leave the religion, am I free to do so without any repercussions? In any country where Islam is practiced?

In America when I left my former Christian church, nobody said or did anything, I was free to go. Many people say here that one can have violence committed against them for leaving Islam. I am thinking that is only the radical Muslims that would do such a thing. Most Muslims would be OK with me leaving, correct?

My sister hates the way I have been treated and is also looking to change her faith. She believes in true equality and is wondering that if men are allowed to have more than one wife, can she have more than one husband? Also, if I get married under Islam, can a man have multiple husbands?

My sister is not a prude. She wears just her bikini top around in the summertime. Is this OK? She would not wear it to the Mosque as she understands it is a place of worship. Again, here in America we were told that this can lead to violence against us by other Muslims. I do not believe her Muslim husband would beat her for such a trivial thing. He might be a little mad, but it is a religion of peace, we think? There is some much conflicting information out there, which is why I am asking you, the expert.

Awhile back I was mad at my mother(she is mad at me for being gay, even though we have other members of my family who are gay also, my cousin) and I drew a funny picture of her and Jesus. She and my father(my father has accepted the fact that I am gay, he is OK in my book, but is still very Christian) were very mad at me, but no violence was committed against me. If I was to make a funny picture of her and "The Prophet", that would not be a reason to have violence caused against me under Islam, correct? I would understand if people were mad, but it is a religion of peace after all. The reason I am asking this question is because of what just happened in France. Again, it is only the radical Muslims that would do such a horrible thing, correct?

I am sorry for the long post, but I am truly seeking answers.

Thank You for you time in advance. As there are MILLIONS of gay people across the globe who want a true answer from a credible source, I will pass your answers to my questions along to them in hopes that we can all be peaceful friends someday.

May God/Allah bless us all and bring peace to the world where everyone is welcome in my book!

ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum Joe!

Religion is a personal thing and one practices out of one's own free will and not as per one's
convenience or compulsion.

You should know what the Almighty creator truly wants from the creations, the Almighty creator
wants total submission to the Almighty creator and be responsible to safe guard each of the
creation by man.

The Almighty creator abhors getting attached or equaled with/to any human being or any living
or non living things as we all know that the Almighty creator is jealous & get angry as all
creations are from the Almighty creator.

We all know that the 3 major religions worship the the Almighty creator that prophet Abraham
worshiped & asked his sons as well as next generations to worship only the Almighty creator
who is single and the only one.

But unfortunate, people from each religion started attaching each of their prophets closer to
the Almighty creator and started claiming each of their communities are the only ones who will
enter the paradise, living to the wind what the Almighty creator clearly said in scriptures
that one who believes in the Almighty creator, after life & leading a righteous life need not
worry on the judgement day.

So its' clear from above what religion you can chose and practice that is left to you, so far
the fabric of the religion do not deviate from what's explained above.

Coming to homosexuality, a hormonal disorder can be overcome through medication by injecting
which ever male/female hormone deficient or dominant in the body towards becoming that gender.
But no body gives it a shot in this way due to financial difficulties sometimes and sometimes  
out of fear of the society one lives in or accept life as is.

Further, homosexuality can also be due to physiological & out of fear in approaching opposite
sex to satisfy one's natural biological needs during growing up.

These fears lead them to approach same sex for sexual pleasures and after some time becomes a
habitual and addictive symptom.. This too can be over come by seeing a Psychiatrist.

Though the Almighty creator clearly admonished & doomed Prophet Lot's community that practiced
sex &  lust against same sex, but never commanded to make life difficult or persecute or treat
the homosexuals in inhumanly.

Coming to gay marriages, am not a an expert to voice opinion on this but I would definitely
voice my opinion against luring normal men or women by homosexual/lesbians and heterosexual
into sex against same gender.

Reverting and converting into one religion to one another may not have repercussions in the 1st
world countries but there are some countries that have radical thinking process and may pose

Whatever that happened in France or with Rushdie or with Nasreen, animal instinct behavior of
killing people is not acceptable to humanity and the Creator the least.

If some radicals thinking that sacrificing their lives by killing innocents are martyr are
surely the misguided where as the Muslim policeman who lost his life while chasing 2 suspects
is the true/real martyr.   

However, common sense should also prevail over civil people and society, not to jeopardize the
world's peace by some actions/writings in the garb of freedom of speech to gain fame/publicity
at the cost of world peace.

Do you think it was necessary to jibe or joke with your mother by drawing a funny picture of
her with Jesus Christ, don't you think it was some kind of provocation, hurting her feelings
especially drawing funny picture of Jesus Christ whom she revers.
For your information no religion preaches or ask to practice violence or  killing of innocents
or vandalism as a retaliation towards some stupidity even if it's looks/sounds injustice meted

Hope this mail helps you in choosing a religion that satisfy your conscience with conviction
but not due to convenience. Do keep up your good work & lead a righteous life.

Coming to your sister's concern let her contact me to guide her.

May the Almighty creator of all the universes and whatever between the Earth and the Skies
forgive our sins to guide us all to the righteous path for a peaceful life in this beautiful

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It sounds to me that you are saying for a FACT that homosexuality is a disease?

As salaam Alaikum (Peace to u) Joe!

Am not saying it's a disease but can be due to harmonial imbalance/disorder & also can be due to  Homosexuality can be due to feart in approaching an opposite gender for sex & finding less fearful in approaching same sex.

Well, you can evaluate your own homosexuality by revisiting your early puberty days as well as looks of yours if u r looking/behaving more feminine way
that can be attributed to more female hormone in your body.

May the Almighty Creator have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path to lead a righteous life.  


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