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Assalam o alikum
Sir i wanted to ask that if there is any sin which allah would never forgive even if we repent for it. What if someone insults allah but then repents for it? Will he be forgiven. I read on the net that shirk is the biggest sin i wanted to confirm whether it is true and alao that if insulting allah is a even bigger sin and please also tell if insulting allah is kufr .

My dear brither,
Walaikum Assalam,
You are right. Shirk is the only sin which Almighty ALLAH (S.W.T) will never forgive. But if the person sincerely begs mercy from Almighty Allah(S.W.T) then Allah (S.W.T) may forgive him as ALLAH (S.W.T) has assured us. Yes insulting Allah(S.W.T) is also a big sin. There are many people who are reverted to Islam but before their reversions to Islam they, as usual, not only committed shirk but also had insulted Almighty Allah(S.W.T). Hazrat Umer (R.A) is/was one of them. But you know, in course of time, he had accepted Islam and became the Companion of Holy Prophet Muhammed (S.W.A). However, if a person dies before reverting to Islam and  begging apology or forgiveness from ALLAH(S.W.T) then his/her sin will not be pardoned.   
Brother if you need further clarification then please do write to me without any hesitation.


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