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Hi Imam!
With Islam becoming more noticeable in the west, and more muslim professional atheletes, I have made an observation. There is a sizable minority of muslims where I work. Some stop their work to pray by themselves. We have three work breaks a day, why dont they pray then?  This has caused some discontent. The smokers have extra breaks to leave the building and smoke, which  also causes resentment. I have seen a Moslem smoker stop work to pray, then a few minutes later, stop work to smoke! Also, I have noticed that many professional atheletes, mostly soccer players, pray on the field, in full public view. Just what is the proper way to pray? Why cant they pray in the dressing room?  The Koran says: Pray Quietly, With Humility and in Secret, and Weep.
As a Christian, I actually pray according to the Koran! Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks  for  your observation.

Because the Islamic  prayers consist of both individual prayers and the ritual congregation  type  prayers  its hard to sometimes  ignore the required prayer times of the Salah. And as much as you are right  that one can pray during breaks or in the locker room some people donot want to miss the prayer entirely as one has only do much grace period  per Salah.

Dedication  to ones job is priority  and they should  decide which break is necessary.

Also it's a fad thing to pray in the field since certain  athletes  did it although  it can and should  be  avoided.


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