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QUESTION: Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh sir i'm suffering from a problem i'm a muslim but i was under ctrl of shaitaan i have did what my bad nafs guide me recently i turn towards ALLAH AZWAJAL i pray salah , started reciting taisirul quran ( noorani qaida type ) trying to follow islamic mmethods but my nafs is interrupting me . Whenever i pray salah nafs using bad words against ALLAH AZWAJAL like ( pork , other words ) even for MOHAMMED (saw) even for ladies also my nafs taking me think dirt in salah also my nafs taking me to think bad think i have tried to do opposite of nafs but in vain always nafs win now its become worst before it was only in salah now its started all time i need to take my nafs in a right path ALLAH'S path please help me to get out of this .. Jazakallahu khaira

ANSWER: Dear brother,
Yours is an acute problem. I advise you to recite AYATUL QURSHI 111 times after each Rakat of Namaz(Salat) and thereafter ASTAGRUALLAH 114 times.Please recite any DARUD SHARIF thrice before after each Wazifa. Kindly inform me after seven days.

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QUESTION: Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Sir 5 Times  ????? Sir I'm in a job its bit difficult

Dear brother,
Please recite the Wazifa when ever you offer Namaz(Salat). In case you can't or don't offer Namaz then make it a point to recite the prescribed WAZIFA before going to office and after coming back from office and if possible before going to bed to sleep.


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