can we donate to Muslim organisations and then claim the donation as a tax deduction?

Can we donate to muslim organizations and then claim the donation as a tax deduction? Some muslim organizations are registered with the tax office as "charitable Orginazation" therefore any donations can be claimed as a tax deduction. Is it right to donate and then receive a tax deduction? If we donated and claimed the donation as a tax deduction, will this lesson the reward we would recieve in the eyes of ALLAH?
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If the person gives it with the intention of zakat (obligatory alms) and if the place he gives it to is one of the places that zakat can be given to, then, the zakat is valid. If the country that the person who gives zakat lives in deduces it from the tax, you can definitely use it as tax deduction. You will receive the reward of zakat. However, we recommend those who have enough money to give money to charities and as zakat other than that.


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