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QUESTION: question is how could I make sure that hadeeth I read is swaheeh and description iread on qurans verses are true....which is 100% from allah .

ANSWER: As a thumb not read hadiths on their own....but Read Quran and try to get the correct interpretation of the Quran Ayats with the help of a revelant hadith.

Better read the tafseers of the Quranic ayats By ibn Kathir which can be downloaded from

There are various versions of hadith and you will get confused if you try and understand them on its own.


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QUESTION: Thankyou.....I would like to go on with ibn katheer's thafseer....would you please help me understand I bit of ibn katheer's superiority than others...and what did you exactly meant by'donot read hadeeth on their own'....
And iam interested in learning how to look at authenticity of hadeeth will you help me with some books name which helps me yo learn....please.....

Do not read hadith on your own means that try not to open different books of hadith and follow those hadiths because many will contradict each other.

Authenticity of hadeeths - its a big chapter and there are several views. So what I have discovered is to accept those hadith that are in line with the Quranic ayats or quranic guidelines and not be concerned with those which fall away from the essence of quran ayats.

I believe you have very less knowledge of Quran..otherwise the concept would have been crystal clear to you.

Therefore I suggest you first read and understand the Quran.



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