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Islam/wish for children?


Azam Mohammed wrote at 2015-03-25 12:09:06

Well, if one can look for record or collect data on physically or mentally challenged parental background, one can definitely

find the reason for such births.

As commented by Scholar Ahmer, Koran do not restrict on having children amongst the physically or mentally challenged people as it clearly depends on one's abilities of such people to marry and raise children.

With due respects, but if you study the research during this century on the physical or visual impaired parents, some light

has been thrown through data that if parents are blood related then chances of children born with physically or mentally disorders & visually impaired possibilities are high.

But many still practices marriages amongst blood relations, so what one should one do avoid such marriages or stop marriages

between physically or mentally challenged & visually impaired?

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran.  


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