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Why do Muslims have an issue with revering images? Myself, being a Pagan, often shows reverence to my ancestral Gods through images. I do not pray to statues. The image is only a symbol of a Greater Reality beyond my understanding. Isn't this like saluting a flag? When I salute my nation's flag I am not saluting a piece of cloth-I'm saluting my heritage and my people.

As Salaam Alaikum(peace to you)Charles!

Charles, when I salute my national flag am respecting my country and feel proud belonging to
India, but am not revering my flag or worshiping my flag to guide me to a righteous life or
asking for any forgiveness for my sins or for health or for good things in life.

The creator of all the universes and whatever that's between the heavens and the earth wants
its subjects living & non living to pay due respects and be thankful for the bounties given,
but will not tolerate to bring in some one alongside and give credit for the creations of all
that exists between the earth & the heavens.

No true follower of Koran/Islam have an issue with pagans/paganism so far it doesn't disturb
the peace or the environment or being oppressed.

You can salute your heritage and your ancestors but did you give a thought that your allowing
imaginary images equating to the creator and revering/worshiping which again is between you &
the Almighty creator.

The creator has given every one to chose the right or the wrong path and also has given a space
and time for every one in this world and for information the creator has given respite, space &
time in this world even for the satan, so who are we to drive away or force any other sect not
to practice what they want when it's between that sect and the creator.

May the Almighty creator Allah forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as
per the Koran for rest of our life.


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