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Imam, I have nothing but respect for Islam and muslims. I have a couple of friends who are muslim, and one is very subtly trying to convert me I think. I am a non church going christian and currently wish to stay that way. I cant quite understand the Islamic view on Jesus Christ. If he is not regarded to be the son of God, than how is it that muslims regard Allah as the same God that Christians worship? Also, if it was the angel Gabriel that visited Mary to tell her she was bearing the child of God, then why did he later appear to Mohammed to dictate the Koran? I have a few other questions, but I will leave you with those. Please understand I am sincerely trying to understand Islam and not mock it, but if I ever do wish to convert, I need answers! Thanks!
BTW my fellow Canuck- arent you glad Spring is on the way!

Yeah beautiful day eh?
Jesus is a human and was born miraculously like Adam was too.
We see him as Godly but not Godlike.
Gabriel was a powerful angel that brought the messages to the Prophets as well as did other forms of messengership like bringing the soul of Jesus into Mary as a glad tiding to this pure woman!


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