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Assalaamu Alaikum.

I am 18 year old female from Maldives and I have a question about relationship.
I have been in a relationship with a guy. He is really good for me. We do talk sometimes. He was the one who encouraged me to wear hijab and always gives me advice about doing all five prayers regularly. his parents knew about our relationship but my parents did not know. its was then my parents got to know about this. by then, i have talked to his parents and they were all very good to me.
from all what i have known, his past wasnt very good. he did not pass several exams, he was in a bad behaviour before (it was like 5 years back). but now he is good. he tries to get a job but he only gets contract work and he do work (Allhamdu lillahi). plus he has some medical problems (however he is currently working). and his mother is a cancer petient and they are having a very difficult situation financially. i understand it all. as i said, from what i know he does pray, recite quran and is religious.
when my parents got to know about this they were unhappy. they said they had talked to some people from his island, and they said that this guy is not good. that he is not religious, not educated, poor and all. also they said that he had some police records.
yes he did. but it was an"accident" record which was also 5 years back. i tried to convince my parents but they did not want to believe me. they said that he is not educated (i am going to do my degree this year insha allah). and that we cant get married ever. they wants me to stop talking to him. they said that if i dont stop it, they will never help me do anything (like do my degree).
i am a girl who dont go outside ever without my parents (except for college).  so there is not chance to meet him. but honestly we did meet two times which now we know was haram. (we have asked almighty allah for forgiveness, when we knew it was haraam and a mistake which was committed by us).
i dont know what to do. i asked my parents to give him a chance to study (when his financial status gets good, insha allah) but they wont agree. i am so worried. please give me some advice. i know we have done a mistake but insha allah we will never repeat that mistake. and i know deep inside he is a good guy. i have seen him going to tharaaveeh and late night prayers in ramadan even. but my parents wont believe me. i feel like i should give him chance to study. without education nowadays its difficult to get a good job. (actually as his mother is a cancer patient he is not able save money to study.) he even tried to get a scholarship to study but as his o'level results werent even very good he wasnt able to get it. moreover, i this i should also give him a chance to prove my parents that what they have heard was not right.
could you please give me some advice about this.?
both are currently doing the istikhara prayer. how do we know the signs? he saw a dream last night about us with a baby. but i am not sure what i have seen. what does this mean?

hope to hear from you soon (insha allah)

Assalaamu Alaikum WB

Alhamdulillaah in addition to Istikhaara,  I think that  you should both PRAY Tahajjud and ask Allaah for guidance in making a decision. I think you should give him a chance to study and get his degree .....meantime your parents would get some  time to think and you would also get some time to decide what you really want to do Inshaa Allaah.




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