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Asalamu alaykum I have a question which many sisters may know I have a discharge that happens very is the one that is like see through type and happens to many women and that discharge comes out a lot and in Islam is it said it doesnt invalidate wudu but if it occurs often, then the woman must do wudu for each namaaz..I dont know what that discharge is called but I think u'll know what its called..anyway the thing is say I do wudu and I read Zuhr..then after a while its Asr time and that discharge has not come I still need to do wudu because the discharge occurs quite a lot but it hasnt occured do I still need to do wudu for Asr? Even though the discharge has not come out??And another question..say I do wudu for Zuhr and I read it then its like half an hour into Asr time..and I havent read Asr and that discharge hasnt come out..but then it comes I still need to do wudu? Or can I carry on reading and do wudu for Maghrib as the discharge came out in Asr time..not in Zuhr time?? JazakAllah Khair..

Your Salah is valid once you make wudu before the beginning of each Salah timing within the salah timing.
You can therefore pray as many Salah with same wudu until you are certain of the discharge.
Make it easy for yourself as the Deen is easy.
When in doubt of wudu  after making it then one must think their wudu is intact.
Certainty alone removes doubt and not doubt.

Good luck!

Allah's blessings on you for your keenness with His Deen!  


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