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As salamu alaikum ... Sir , I am a 23 years old girl ..  actually I am very depressed thwse days because of a guy.. I was a girl with anti relationship mind because I fear Allah .. but once that guy kissed me violently and after that I was in pain.. and he tried to do anal sex on me without my consent .. I want to know  that is their any punishment for this act ?as I don't want to break Allah Tallah's rule .. please guide me what should I do ?I really need help ... I ask forgiveness from Allah everytime .. but I feel that what happend was very wrong ... Please sir kindly let me know what should I do ?

Wallaikum As Salaam Naila!

Well, sex outside marriage is a sinfull act and on top of it you said he kissed you forcefully
and tried anal sex w/o your consent which means he raped you.

How did you allow him to this extent or stage as you could have shouted or shouted for help.

Well, if all this has happened w/o your consent or he has forced upon these acts, then he is
has done a gross sin and you are not a sinner in this situation.

But in case it has been done with your consent then you are equally a sinner along with him &
only seeking forgiveness from the Almighty Allah sincerely every day may help you repent to
seek the Almighty Allah's mercy for forgiveness Inshallah.

Are you a Pakistani or an Arab woman? Was the guy a Pakistani or an Arab?

For faster replies or any clarifications, am available on whatssap, viber, Tango or Line upon
adding this # +919849026154.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy upon us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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