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QUESTION: Assalamualaikum Brother... Is it permissible in islam to accept invitation of Birthday and Festival from Muslim and Non-mulim... if not then on what condition we should accept?

Thank You in Advance.

ANSWER: The modern humans have been tricked by shaitan to make parties where young boys and girls mingle themselves and perform immorale activities.

Just to fill one's stomach with a free food and enjoy for a little while people can sacrifice their religion, faith , morale, shame etc etc ( the list is endless)

To those who say that birthdays are allowed in Islam , ask them where is the proof. Who invented it, we or the pig-eaters !!

[Quran 11:113] And incline not to those who do wrong, or the Fire will seize you; and you have no protectors other than Allah (God), nor shall you be helped.

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QUESTION: Assalamualaikum brother... Thanks for ur answer but if the invitation is for food from muslim and non-muslim, in this case what do we have to do? do we have to accept their invitation not only for birthdays but also for other functions?

If its a mixed gathering...please avoid it. If its only to mark a birthday ...please avoid it.
If its a general banquet ...marriage ceremony or just a dinner or lunch invitation but does not sacrifice your modesty and there is a separate arrangement for women/men...please accept it.



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