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My dear Bhai jan Ahmer,
I asked questions regarding the predictions of the future recently. Your kindness and generosity has emboldened me to seek more help.
I was born and raised a Muslim. The only difference from the usual practice of Muslims in Pujab, Pakistan, being that my parents focused on teaching their children Quran with translation and encouraged us to learn more. My father was very particular about not forcing us to be part of any particular sect. Pakistan is embroiled with the desire to make people choose a sect. Sunni or Shia? Which subsection of Sunni or Shia?
I can not choose any particular subsection. I am still struggling with my ignorance regarding Quran and Hadith. For me, the discussions regarding subjects are the province of scholars of great learning and wisdom.
My previous questions to you reflect that.
I am a Muslim. I believe in Quran and the Saha e sitah. I am also a scientist and a doctor. I believe in the scientific method.
Please, allow me to ask my irreverent questions and express my non orthodox ideas. Your last reply has encouraged me to express myself boldly. I am somewhat confused and somewhat arrogant in my scientific ideas. The questions I have asked before are just a forerunner of my true state of mind.
May I trust that you will not dismiss me as a person led astray by materialistic paradigms?
The term Bhai jan, means brother as dear as life.
With all respect and humility,

You are not the first one. Many muslims and people of other faiths have used this forum to clarify their thoughts/feelings towards islam.

Please go ahead...ask as much as you can and do not fear.

Be it anything or at any level. I will surely find a logical answer.

You can speak your heart out please.

Just one request - please ask one by one. If you bombard several question in one will take more time for me to answer.



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