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I want to fast in the month of Shawwal for 6 days. I have read that there is a ritual prayer performed which carries lots of blessings. I don't want to miss it but I have tried searching how to pray and I didn't understand it yet. I explored almost many sites but I didn't find the way where it is said how to pray exactly step by step. Please help me regarding this. May Allah SWT reward you abundantly.


I am sorry , there are no as such ritual prayers for the month of Shawal as per the scope of my knowledge.

Bukhari Volumn 003, Book 031, Hadith Number 204.
Narated By Mutarrif from 'Imran Ibn Husain : That the Prophet asked him (Imran) or asked a man and Imran was listening, "O Abu so-and-so! Have you fasted the last days of this month?" (The narrator thought that he said, "the month of Ramadan"). The man replied, "No, O Allah's Apostle!" The Prophet said to him, "When you finish your fasting (of Ramadan) fast two days (in Shawwal)." Through another series of narrators 'Imran said, "The Prophet said, '(Have you fasted) the last days of Sha'ban?"

Bukhari Volumn 003, Book 033, Hadith Number 261.
Narated By 'Amra bint 'AbdurRahman : From 'Aisha: Allah's Apostle mentioned that he would practice Itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan. 'Aisha asked his permission to perform Itikaf and he permitted her. Hafsa asked 'Aisha to take his permission for her, and she did so. When Zainab bint Jahsh saw that, she ordered a tent to be pitched for her and it was pitched for her. Allah's Apostle used to proceed to his tent after the prayer. So, he saw the tents and asked, "What is this?" He was told that those were the tents of 'Aisha, Hafsa, and Zainab. Allah's Apostle said, "Is it righteousness which they intended by doing so? I am not going to perform Itikaf." So he returned home. When the fasting month was over, he performed Itikar for ten days in the month of Shawwal.

Narrated by Muslim, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, An-Nisa'i and Ibn Majah

"Whoever fasts Ramadhan and follows it with six days of Shawwal, it will be as if he fasted for a lifetime."


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