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As-salaam Aleykum wa Rahmatulaahi..Imaam may Allah(swt) bless you for your efforts...I am a born and raised muslimah Alhamdulilaah from a strict and Loving muslim family and community...I Love my deen and all my life I've tried my best to be a good muslim girl...I've done my share of sins(may Allah(swt) forgive me) but I've always recognized them and problems started last month on Ramadan...I was really looking forward to it mashAllah I was so excited my iimaan was high..and suddenly I can't explain how it happend but I started getting Really! Evil thoughts about Allah, Nabi, Islam very bad questions and doubts and thoughts I cried a lot I prayed a lot all happiness left my heart and body I wasn't happy I lost all focus...I couldn't see anything clearly I felt sick walahi...Alhamdulilaah these thoughts reduced to an Extent..but now the Main problem am having is whenever I try to pray or make Du'a I get a thought that Allah(swt) doesn't exist and I suddenly feel depressed and my heaf hurts and I feel sick again...walahi I can't make du'a calmly without feeling like a kaffir...Please please Help me get my imaan and peace back.

My dear sister,
Walaikum Assalam,
Though you have reasons to believe that yours is a major problem but I tell you that it is  minor one. My  dear sister, I assure you that INSHALLAH you will certainly over come from such problem within a fortnight. Just recite AYATUL KURSHI 14 times after each Farz Namaz for 14 days. Please recite Darud Sharif thrice before and after reciting the same. Also recite ASTAGFIRULLAH WA ATUBO ELAHI 14 times whenever you get time. Kindly write to me on the 15th day possitively as I will suggest you an important Wazifa so that you may keep yourself safe whole life, INSHALLAH. Amin. You may directly communicate with me at for any Islamic matter whatsoever.


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