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Hello!  I teach English in the US to many Muslim students.  The school at which I teach does not allow Muslims a holiday on Eid al-Adha (tomorrow).  Since my students are required to be in class during Eid, I really would like to make it a special day for them.  However, I have no idea what activities to do to celebrate it with them.  I have read that Eid al-Adha is a time to give gifts, but I do not know what type of gifts to bring for them.    

My question is this:  Are there any activities that you can think of that would allow my students to celebrate Eid and make tomorrow special for them?  
If I brought gifts, what type of gifts or what kinds of food are typical during Eid?
Thank you, dear friend!!

Dear Abbey,

As Salaam Alaikum!(Peace to you brother)

That's a nice thought of cheering up the young students who may be missing Eidul Adhah celebrations with
their kith & kin as well as with friends at home. May the Almighty creator of all universes bless you &
your family always.

Anyway, one has to submit to the Almighty's will who knows better what's good for all of us.

Well, to start with and if you are conversant about Prophet Abraham's attempt to sacrifice his only son
to fulfill his promise to the Almighty in his dream where he sees himslef sacrificing his only son.

Narrate them the story, but then, the end is that the dream was not a test by the Almighty on Abraham's
faith but it was a satan's attept to tore Abraham from his faith on the Almighty through this dream.
However, the Almighty saves Abraham when he is about to sacrifice his only son by asking to sacrifice a
lamb instead as the Almighty abhors human sacrifice.

Well, the only question students may ask is who was the son since Christianity believes it was Isaac,
despite Bible clearly mentioning 'his only son', so Ismail was the eldest son since Isaac was born after
quite some time) where as Muslims believes it's Ismail though Koran is silent on the name of the son.

The point you have to make the student understand is, whoever may be the son, Prophet Abraham's love and
faith towards the Almighty was so strong that he tried to scarifice his only son at that time & how the
Almighty always takes care of those who loves and have strong faith in the ALmighty.

Coming to feast part, all over the world Muslims eat Lamb's meat & am sure most of the Muslims students
may be hailing from Asian region like India, Pakistan and the Middle East, if it's not pinching pockets
of other students & yourself, then a contributory feast of Indian/Pakistan traditional Kababs and sweet
will be appropriate.

But ensure contribution comes even if it's in a small way from other students of different faith as this
will help them understand and accept each others faith in harmony.

Giving gifts is during the Ramadan Eidul Fitr, however there's no restriction to give gifts on Eidul Adah too if gifts makes them happy.

In case you require any further help, please do not hestitate to contact me anytime in the day or night
on whassap, Viber, Tango or Wechat through this # +919849026154.

Convey my Idul Adhah Mubarak to all your students on my behalf!

May the Almighty Creator of the all universes have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to
the true path.


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