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I am a 23 male Muslim and my parents are narcissistic. They are evil and want to destroy me. They never loved me and neglected me. They malnourished me and cut relations with their familes and hid them from me and I never grew up with anybody. They backbite and lie to everyone and make me look bad. They want to destroy me. I am in deep psycological pain and want to committe sucide. I can provide more details if you like. WHy did Allah do this? I am desperate for help they will destroy me.  

thank you

ANSWER: My dear brother,
Very sorry to know your such pathetic story. Don't worry. ALMIGHTY ALLAH will help you. Amin.
Please give more details which you think is required to solve your problem.

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QUESTION: I wrote these question if you could take a look.

ANSWER: Brother,
Are they Muslims and Iranians? Please tell me where did you grow up? Are you staying with your parents? How many brothers and sisters do you have? Whether they also get the same kind of treatment or they are loved by your parents. Are you dependent on your parents? Do you want to have them punished or do you want they should repent and beg pardon to be forgiven by ALLAH(S.W.T)

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QUESTION: My parents are both just Iranian. They arent muslim. My dad doesnt believe in God and my mother doesnt not fast or pray or etc. I would not consider them muslims. we live in USA but I left USA and came to Iran to escape them. I have one twin sister. She is completely selfish and never loved me. All she cares about is money. She is treated much better by them. She is big and well fed. She is sports champion and they give her a lot of attention and money. My parents never loved and said they only wanted a daughter. My parents have done many bad things. I can tell you. I am completely dependent on them. I want them punished yes they want to kill me or drive me to committee suicide. They do not want me successful or happy in my life. They want me miserable and broken. I am FURIOUS and ANGRY at them. Nobody belives me. And their families are just as bad as them. I am desperate for help.

You have said that you are completely dependent on them. Means,what I understand that,they send you money and other essential things for your lively hood. I firmly believe that Almighty Allah (S.W.T) takes care after every creature but apparently can you tell me that in the event of their death who will take your responsibility.
Brother, please tell me what do you want now and what type of help  do expect from ALLAH(S.W.T) and HIS servants including me.


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