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I'm sad and I wish this thing is gone I feel like it's been a curse on me ever since I was really young like 10 or something I've been committing sexual acts and I've been doing these ever since and I hate this and I hate Zina it's been ruining my life and I don't want to go to hell and I always feel guilty when doing this what I basically mostly do is masturbate and I want to get away from this and please can you pray for me and give me dui

Dear brother,
Thanks to Almighty Allah(S.W.T)that you have realized your mistakes and have decided to not to commit such sin. Why should you go to hell. Get married at the earliest. You are a believer and have therefore the right to enter PARADISE.  ALLAH(S.W.T) wants that HIS servants should repent and pray for mercy and forgiveness. In fact ALLAH likes to forgive His servants. I advise you to pray to ALMIGHTY ALLAH(S.W.T) to forgive your sins. Kindly recite ASTAGFURALLA and ASTAGURALLAH WA ASALUHAT TAWBA as much as possible. Offer NAMAZ(SALAT)and pray to ALLAH(S.W.T) to forgive you.
Please get in touch with me after 14 days.


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