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Is "Sufi" only related to Islam or is it in general about spirituality? Can it be used in reference to any person who is spiritual and religious or only for an Islamic/Arabic person?

Dear Sister,

The sufi is a lover of ALLAH(S.W.T), and like any other lover, he proves his love by constant remembrance of his Beloved. This constant attention to Allah(S.W.T) has two effects: One outward and the other inward.
The inward effect is that the sufi’s remembrance distances him from the domain of ‘I and you’ and joins Him

The outward effect of this remembrance is that Allah(S.W.T)’s attributes become gradually manifested in the sufi’s conduct,

In the first stage, which is the beginning of the journey towards Allah(S.W.T), the attainment of Unity, the sufi is harmless towards everyone

In the second stage, upon arrival at the threshold of Unity, the sufi is not offended by others

In the third stage which is entry into the domain of Unity, the sufi responds with loving-kindness towards those who harm him, for he sees everything in himself and himself in everything

Since Islam Is the only Religion Allah(S.W.T) has desired and directed us to follow and practice and as Allah(S.W.T) has instructed us to testify saying LA ILAHA ILLALAH MUHAMMEDUR RASULALLAH therefore the term SUFI can not be used for a person of other religion. I should make it clear that right from Hazrat Aadam(A.S) to Prophet Muhammed (S.W)all the great 124000 Prophets were Muslims.
I will be too happy to clarify any point/doubt if you have in your mind.


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