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QUESTION: Asalam alaikum,

Thank you for your help.  I appreciate your service on here.   

I have a question pertaining to Jesus (pbuh) which has been rather confusing to me.  

I have a close friend who is a Christian. She and I were discussing the birth of Jesus.  And while I asked her why the bible has no mention of Jesus speaking during his infancy to prove his mother's innocence, she had told me that in the Christian version there is no need for Jesus to speak during infancy because as the story is relayed in the Bible, Joseph was kind enough to marry the Virgin Mary (pbuh) before she showed as pregnant.  He (Joseph) did not want her to get killed, so he posed as the father.  Then my friend said that had Jesus spoken during infancy in those days the Jews would have likely killed him (Jesus) anyways for having strange powers thinking he was performing withcraft.  She said it wasn't until he got older when the Jews wanted him crucified because they did not like what he stood for and said he was the son of God.

Now, I am confused on one thing...since Jesus spoke while an infant, (which I do believe), my question is, knowing that it was to prove his mother's innocence, how did the rabbis and Jews treat him meanwhile until he grew up?  Did they believe he was special? Did they follow his teachings? What happened up until he was a child until he grew up for them to dislike him so much that they desired to crucify him?  I do feel my friend has a point and I was not sure what to say to her, as she has her own belief and I have mine.  

Please if you have any knowledge on this, I would appreciate it as I am truly interested in knowing.  Thank you.

God bless,

ANSWER: Mr.Elham,
I am very busy with professional work these days and therefore request to wait for at least days after which I will Inshallah try to answer your question. Meanwhile may I know which religion do you follow as you said your friend is a Christian.

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That is fine.  I am Muslim, my friend is Christian.  Thanks.


My dear brother,
I under stand that brother Shafakat has already answered the question to clear your doubt. In case you need any clarification then please ask him once more. If you are still not satisfied then please let me know the reason and I will try to help you to quench your thirst for knowledge on this subject.


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