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QUESTION: Assalaamealekum

I had a general doubt and after searching for various experts, I have seen you and am asking you. You have scientific and legal expertise along with religions; so I think you are right authority. Hope you won't disappoint me.

Here is my question.

I have seen many Muslims claiming that "national media" is biased and showcases its stereotype against them periodically. Interestingly, even Hindus say similar things. I have heard Sikhs too exposing media bias. They feel that media is corrupt here. I did not interact much with Indian Christians so, I don't know what they think.

My question is: So, what exactly is the problem?

How to solve the problem?

ANSWER: Please ask me specific question?

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QUESTION: My question is about media bias against various communities

What exactly is the problem and how to solve it.?

ANSWER: Dear brother,
It is not a problem but to make the media,electronic or print, more profitable and more "popular"the owners and/or management do the same. This is my humble opinion.

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Spreading nonsense and hate seems good for you? Surprising

Being Science, law background; I think you will help reforming media.

How to solve it?

Every person and/or every community has the right to sue media or any person, how mighty he/she is, if makes false allegation against any individual or any any community/group. I am sorry that you don't any have basic knowledge at all.


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