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SYED JAMALUDDIN (France) wrote at 2006-08-20 22:45:48
Tablighi Jamaat was formed by WAHABI Government of Saudi Arabia in order to spread their message in India. History is itself a great witness to this fact that certain Ulema from Deoband were invited by the then King of Saudi Arabia who had offered to them money and support to establish a massive campaign to "combat" Sunniism in India. Hence, Maulana Ilyas along with his other supporters agreed to formation of a particular Jamaat to follow a specified agenda of the Saudi Kingdom. The penetration into Indian religious circles was not an easy job, hence, required consistent funds and work. Saudi Kingdom never stopped funding of Tablighi Jamaat till today. The most glaring evidence of this moral and financial support for Tablighi Jamaat is their acceptance on the British, American and Australian soils since the Saudi Kingdom assured these nations that Tablighi Jamaat was working on a specific agenda and had nothing to do with propagating Islam or provoking Christianity.  

abdul latif wrote at 2007-08-14 17:14:59
Ive got no problems with the tablighi's ,, I was even in tabligh for 10 days,,, anyway there are some thing I liked about it,, like learning the 6 points of a muslim etc and we stayed in the masjid. but there were somethings I didnt like about it. We we stayed and listend to some hadith ok it still nice but after that we read the quran still good but we only read the last ten suran! and after 3 days we had to make dawah to other muslim brothers eventhow we got no knolege about what we had to say,,,

so as I asked a brother in the masjid to learn a bit more so we can make good dawah to other people he replide u know how to make wudu and how to pray ,, you dont need more!

? after the 10 days I went off becouse I want to learn something I cant just go to other people and tell them about something I dont even know about it I know what I mean,,,

Mohamed (saw) made tabligh too with is companience but they all had a strong iman and great knowlege wich we cant compete sowe should learn befor we make dawah. imagne we say somthing wich is not truh! instead of working towards jannah we're working towards jahannem!

so my dear beloved brothers and sisters I am not saying dont go to tabligh no no  you can go but I would give an advice go there and make your iman a bit strong lets say for 3 days and then go back and learn something its not like there is no masjid in your town learn laern learn and then make dawah to peole...

sorry about my gramma and spelling mistakes I am from Germany by the way and I wasnt good in english in school hehe.

salam abdul latif.

KHAN wrote at 2012-08-29 17:38:57
see brother all the sahabaas of the prophet muhammad saw had very strong faith but do u think thata u can compete with the prophets companions .no allah only says that no ordinary person may he/she be a wali/waliyaah can reach upto the darjaat of sahabaas. And let me ask u if you are a student of engineeering or medical science will u study everything and then say teach me practical then i think no university will admit u.

because theory and practical must go hand in hand .you must  execute what you have learnt.

And the way you are talking i don't think you have gone for 10 days or not even 3 days just some people who have misconception about tablighi jamaat have incited in you the feeling of hatred

let me ask you something don't you beleive in ALLAH . if you give dawaah to any one for the sake of ALLAH then ALLAH will never let it go useless and u being a beleiver u are saying so .u must remember one thing that when the companions were new to ISLAM then also they had invited their  near and dear ones to ISLAM knowing just the basic principles of ISLAM .hope u would remove the  clot of hatred from your heart and think in an ISLAMIC manner

"Innallaha ala qulli shai in qadir"



Abdulhakim Seman wrote at 2013-06-10 13:06:37
The sahabas ,may Allah be pleased with them ,propogated Islam right after they took the Shahada...Even the prophet peace be up on him ,propogated Islam after the first revelation..

riyaz hamid wrote at 2015-06-10 12:13:56
salam @abdul latif..

I totally agree with you, it is compulsory for every muslim to accure knowledge, i totally with you ,Our Beloved prophet Mohammed (sallala hu alai hi wasallam ) said, if you need to go china to learn knowledge of Deen ul Islam you have to go, but Our Beloved prophet Mohammed (sallala hu alai hi wasallam ) ordering us to get knowledge of Islam, Emaan, Ehsaan, Taqwa, Tawheed , Shirk, Nifaaq, Kufr, Nafs, Saitaan this the main Izma what we need to learn,

Zajaak Allah Khair Brother.

Riyaz Hamid Sayyed ( India Mumbai )


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