Flora Harbin wrote at 2013-12-27 13:30:34
Jesus was not embalmed.  In all four of the gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, tells of Jesus' death at the ninth hour of the day (three pm). Joseph of Arimathea, and a member of the Jewish Council, gave the tomb, cut in stone, where Jesus was buried.  Prior to His burial, he was wrapped in a linen shroud.  Nicodemus brought 75 pounds of myrrh and aloes to place on the body.  The tomb was close, because it was the Jewish Preparation Day for Passover, and Jesus had to be buried, before it began.  Luke 23:50-56.  John 19:38-42. Mark 15:42-47. Matthew 27:57-65. Flora Harbin  


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